custom andonization (or how ever you spell it)

How much would it cost for a coustom andonization job and if you do them then reply

That is Justin (Vendetta)s site. He does great work. Check out the gallery.

Yes, Justin is your go-to guy on this one for sure! On there amongst the rest of his brilliant work, you will find my Sonic & Knuckles DNA ;D

He really does some great work, is very pleasant to communicate with, and deals with pricing extremely reasonably. That project only ran me I believe $40.00 including sodablasting. His price points are broken down accordingly on the site.

k cool i just looked at it. wow! ;D

i have a question.instead of spending hard earned cash on a new yoyo,id like to send my boss to get it done.but i’m totaly clueless on is what i thought i would request from,orange,and red splash.and in honor of my favorite band a couple tatoos.the word metallica on one side(in coll lettering like on all of their albums),then on the other side a master of puppetts(but spelled corectly).then on the rim in small letters i’ll put james hetfield,kirk hammett,roberttrujillo,and lastly lars if you can could you tell me how much that would cost on and thank you.also if you feel that i’m jacking this persons thread i could deleat this post and make my own thread.thank you for your time.yo-bear.

Why do you ask us to try and guess how much that will cost when you could just get an estimate directly from Vendetta? His answer will be much more accurate than any guess we can make.

I was thinking about getting this done to my boss, it is the red/gold edition, would i need to satin it down to raw so he can anno it?

The lettering for something like the names around the rim would be way too small and intricate to realistically acheive on an anodized design. Now, the Metallica logo itself sounds like it’d be extremely awesome and well within his abilities. However, keep in mind that you need to adhere to a 3 color limit (with your splash design probably the only way to acheive this is to leave the logos raw) and that anodization is an inherently imperfect process as he’s sure to tell you.

Having dealt with him previously, I’d estimate he’d probably charge you around $45 for that, but again I’d definitely recommend you e-mail him for a firm estimate.

no its k ;D

ok.thank you.

I feel that I should say that Justin isn’t taking jobs at the moment