Custom Sonic & Knuckles DNA!!!


After what seemed like an eternal wait, my preproduction DNA has finally made its way back to me! It received a sodablast job from the fine folks at OneDrop, and an intense custom ano job from Justin LoTempio, more known as Vendetta here in the yo-yo world. And I have to say, Vendetta is a great guy who puts out some incredible work. If you ever have the chance, I believe most every serious yo-yo enthusiast owes themself one of his custom ano jobs.

Anyway, on to the pics! The top 4 are from Vendetta’s anodizing website, and the bottom 3 show my custom made Chaos Emerald hubstacks and a mid-spin pic. Let me know what you guys think!


that is the best looking yoyo i have ever seen the chaos emerald hubstacks are awesome


Thanks! I made them myself.


thats really cool!


I wasn’t the biggest fan of this one to be honest. I never really cared about sonic and knuckles, but those hubstacks do a great job of tying the whole yo-yo together. I like it now.


WOW…that is incredible…and i think a Shadow/Knuckles one would go together as well. but that is definately a nice looking yoyo

(JonasK) #7

Hey, There’s a pr0 anodizer in America now. Now you guys don’t have to send your stuff to Frederico anymore.


This thing makes me cry. So beautiful lol


Sweet! Wow that looks incredible, I don’t think I’d take it off the shelf.


where did you find the pictures of sonic and knuckles


The chaos emerald hubstacks are just great, a perfect addition to the yoyo. It looks simply awesome.

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So can you send Vendetta any yoyo to get it custom anodized? I know he did a special run of dingos a while ago. I know he has a site, but I forgot it. Can you post it?


(Kei) #14

Wow that was fast! Thanks


Yeah Vendetta will anodize just about any yo-yo as long as it’s an optimal grade aluminum alloy. We actually had concerns with mine because it’s 7075 alloy which typically doesn’t anodize as well as 6061 alloy, which is what most people use. We really lucked out on this one, and he’s got really great prices. It is best to send him a raw yo-yo though he will chemically strip existing ano dye for a price.

Google. The Knuckles head logo came from the Sonic & Knuckles box and Sonic came from the Sonic Team logo.

Thanks to everyone who likes it and has commented! It’s my first major yo-yo project.

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WOW!!! That is SICK!!! Man, Vendeta did a really great job with this one! I have to say, this is the coolest ano job I have ever seen! How much did the sodablast and ano cost? :slight_smile:

                                                                          James Reed!


$45. Like I said he’s great to deal with and has excellent pricing


Wow, This is a brilliant, coolest modded yoyo I ever seen. Yoyofactory Ben is gonna love this!

Wow, just wow…

Happy Throwing! =]


Dude… how… how did you do that…

Well it’ll be more awesome if it was a Shadow and Silver Combination!


that is awsome :slight_smile: