Curious, what does a Legacy/legacy 2 look like behind the caps?

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So, um… yeah. Anyone have pictures?


if you ever seen a yyj journey under the cap, looks just like it.



Way off.


not exactly like it but the nipple is the same looking.


You’re still way off.


Well, aside from the washers, a journey and legacy I look pretty much the same under the caps.

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So the internal weighting system is just washers?


I prefer the term: Custom Model Aluminum Internal Weight Rings. Sounds more professional.

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oops sorry


I wondered what it looked like because I new it had internal custom aluminum weighting :o


Ya but they are still just washers but they help its playability alot.


yeah to bad my little bro accidentaly lost mine. :frowning:

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The shims are surprisingly thin. :stuck_out_tongue: They’re actually about 3.5-4mm wide. It seems really light for some reason…


Found it by the way