Simple YYJ Legacy mod

Hey all,

I discovered a super simple mod to the YYJ Legacy. Duncan FHZ and Hayabusa caps fit PERFECTLY. It adds a good amount of weight but Im really liking the way it plays with the added weight. It looks pretty cool too!

Hmmm, and I’ve always thought the Legacy was too heavy to begin with.

Sweet! I didn’t realize how much I like the legacy 1 weight until they took it away for the legacy 2. I assume it fits both…

Nice, but I would kind of call it a cap replacement, or switch out. Not really a mod. But it’s still cool!

Only problem is the Legacy2 caps have André Boulay’s name on it. FHZ caps don’t ;).

it more like a tune up I think.

I guess I prefer a heavy throw. I tend to put weight rings in my freehands and roll my difeyo overhaul fully loaded. At 72g it is a hefty but doesn’t feel like a brick and still hops around nimbly. I have the first version with the weight rings. I’ve been out of the loop for a bit and didn’t realize there was a second version without weight rings, so I’m not sure if it works or not. If you have one try it and let me know how they fit. You can always suction cup them off if it’s not to your preference. With all the collaborations going on now maybe Duncan will make Andre edition caps… :slight_smile: