Crystal Mountain (Combo)


A pretty hard combo I composed myself. My attempt at using a laceration-combo opener and a transition to a complex-mount trick. Hope you guys like it and any feedback would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Pretty sweet dude…

(LookAYoYo) #3

I have been trying to do a trick with a whip laceration combo in the beginning, but i couldn’t think of anything new and hard to put after it. that is a sweet trick right there


that’s amazing! you should make a tutuorial


Crystal Mountain? As in “Crystal Mountain” by Death?


I was asking myself the same thing ;D
Glad someone else noticed |,|


wow you’re really good. you got any other cool stuff?


just pulling up the link for mobile users



(SR) #10

Dude, that was freaking insane. I loved your lacerations.