crucial heavy cream

i got my heavy cream in the mail it is amazing
statsManufacturer Crucial
Shape Wing
Weight (g) 67.00
Width (mm) 42.20
Diameter (mm) 52.05
Gap Width (mm) 5.00
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 in x .500 in x .187 in Crucial bearing
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System Crucial Ghost Pad

I love how the review was 1 SENTENCE LONG!!!

ya is there any more i could of said than its great

The one in Singapore is much nicer. Both the package and yoyo.

i like the silver and the box is brand new i think im the first to get it

okay that wasnt a review it was an opinion and some specs. you need to go in depth with ghow it plays,looks,grinds,ect. you should read up on dryoyo’s reviews and get an idea from them. id love to see you go alot more in depth about the yo.

if you think im being to harsh please say so


happy throwing.