yoyofactory protostar review

This is a review on the yyf protostar i got it about 6 days ago and i love it!
i will do the goods and the bads

1.good 2 mins 30 sec sleep times
2.100% unresponsive play
3.unbelieveably smooth play
4.only like $35
5.wide gap
6.keeps spinning long on the string


  1. the only bad thing is you have to wash the tightnes of the gap if it is to tight then it will be responsive so keep it loose and keep the string tension loose also.

So a quick summary is that it is a great yoyo for anyone you can do any trick and it is awseome!!!
i will do the info down below

Diametre: 55.94 mm / 2.20 inches
Width: 43.15 / 1.69
Gap width: 4.43 / .17 inches
response system: standard sized k-pads
weight: 67.0 grams
bearing size: center track bearing by cbc

You really should have gone more in depth.

buck choi, shut up that was a really good review

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Honestly, I agree to buck choi.

yoyoboy, you should have put more details on your review. Put pictures too!

But it was a pretty nice review though.

yah, you should of got into more depth, suicides ? slacks?etc. by the way , you shouldn’t put your spin times because some people throw harder than others so one persons spintime won’t give too much meaning. You can also put picture taken at home like vivo said and add more spice to it. Seriously, reviews with picture is a lot more interesting than a review with no pictures, Hope it helped!

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Pretty decent, guy. Just one thing, try to put in more facts, less preferences. I’ve really been looking to get one of these.