Heavy Cream, eh ):

So a while back I got a pretty much new Heavy Cream by Crucial.I loved it at first then, well , eh?

On a Throw-Smooootttthhh.This thing would spin for a while but I dont like the crucial bearing in it,It was a complete fail.I can barely have two layers of strings around the yoyo with out it slowing down and shooting back to my hand.Wasnt really impressed by that.

Playability- Great on nice smooth flowing tricks but cants go to fast or to slow with out it crapping out on me.

Sorry for the short review but im not impressed by this yoyo at all.Im going to put another bearing in it then try it

Hey, try deshielding your bearing and wash it. And are your bearing shields bent?

no it is the bearing the why it is shaped you can see it here
it just isnt the best bearing because the string cant move at all really

WTH? My friend has the Heavy Cream with the same bearing. Its really smooth and can handle lots of tricks.

Just because you didn’t like the yoyo doesn’t give you an excuse to write out a two paragraph review. It should still be longer and more insightful, rather than just “It was smooth, but the bearing sucks”. This really doesn’t help anyone, 0ther than those who were wondering how the bearing performed.

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I got the heavy cream today. the thing actually is REALLY grippy right out of the cartin. Episode 040 of String Burn Live agrees the bearing makes it not perform aswell and causes it to do this. I will not be changing the bearing unless it gets really annoying. Put a flat bearing in and youll be fine.

P.S. i would normally always agree with Q on that statement but in this case this yoyolunatic is right. I actually completely agree with your review. Too fast or too slow and it craps out. I actually feel really bad too bc this was a gift for me and I most likely wont be using it unless it becomes less responsive. I can actually pick this yoyo up to my hand just by pulling up after a few tries. I think the lesson learned here is don’t comment on the playability of a yoyo until you have used sed yoyo.


hey why dont you get your hissfit outta my thread than.I dont suck i just dont like the yoyo and it shotts back with like a layer or two of string.So stop jumping to conclusions ,your really starting to piss me off.I did nothing to deserve your crap so stop it/

I never commented on the playability, I commented on the fact that even if it is a crappy yoyo, it still deserves a fair and well worded review. Just saying that the yoyo isn’t good doesn’t really help anyone.