Cmon People Get It Right.

Ok, so I have put up with this little peeve of mine and I don’t know if anybody out there feels the same but I hate it when someone writes on a review on a yoyo (let’s use the DV888 for example) and they say,
“First thing I did was throw in a one drop ten ball (or any other different unstock item) and it played great.” Well that’s nice, BUT it is no longer a review on the DV888, it is now a review on a DV888 with a one drop ten ball bearing. If you are going to make a review, at least make it on the stock yoyo.
Thank you

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I honestly don’t think it really matters what bearing it has in it. People have their own bearing preference so if they want to throw in a different bearing so be it. It won’t really change a persons opinions on the yoyo.

Parts is parts. As long as it’s the same sized bearing this is not an issue. The yoyo will play the same, The bearing will not materially affect the way the yoyo feels on the string etc.

Maybe the reviewer could mention that he changed the bearing, and what he feels the differences are, or if it was just a preference thing. In my own case, I reviewed an HSPIN G&E 4. With the stock bearing the yoyo was unplayable for me and I noted that. I switched out the bearing for a narrower model and the yoyo is now one of my favorites. I noted that in the review as well.

I would prefer it if the reviewers would write a decent review(a recent reviewer’s reviews were really poorly done at best) in the first place. Many do not have this issue.

I would also appreciate the review be done with the yoyo with the configuration that it shipped from the factory FIRST. STOCK! That’s how it came, that’s how it should be reviewed. That’s how most things get reviewed. The review can always include extra information, such as how it played with a bearing swap or other stuff like that.

Changing the bearing won’t change people’s opinions on it? Think again. If I’m reading reviews and they are saying how “this yoyo should have THIS bearing to be playable”, I’m going to factor that into my decision making process. Once you get to a certain price point, my thoughts are regarding the bearing are “other than maybe cleaning it, lubing it and then breaking it in, I shouldn’t have to do anything else and ideally this should play awesome”. What? I am advised to buy a different bearing?

I’ve heard from multiple sources that the stock bearing in the DiBase is maybe not the most ideal bearing for this yoyo. Now I have to look at maybe around an additional $10 for a bearing. Well, we’re talking a $55 yoyo, which now becomes a $65 yoyo, oh but, wait, I have a bearing that maybe kinda sucks… dropping the price down to a $55 yoyo with a $10 bearing I may not like that came in it. Just an example. Actually, I am planning to get a DiBase soon, but I’ll play it stock for a bit and see how I like it before I start swapping bearings out if I even feel the need to.

Well I felt my DV888 had a slight vibe with SPEC bearing but didn’t after putting in a one drop ten ball.

If it is mentioned in the review I’m okay with it. Not telling people that the yoyo plays better with a different bearing isn’t helping anyone.

thanks for basically repeating everything i just said. sarcasm but not in a rude way.

Your basically blaming the reviewer for the crappy bearing.

Dont blame em. i just wish they would mention how it would play with the stock vs the new bearingthey “slapped in as soon as they got it.”

It’s the way studio42 said it. The reviewer doesn’t choose if a different bearing will make it play better, and that kind of thing belongs in a review. What of the yoyo is the better then all yoyo’s in the 60 dollar price range and costs 50 dollars but needs a bearing upgrade, I think this should be mentioned in a review.

The stock play should be addressed aswell.


Unless it’s a noticeably bad bearing (ie: rusty, hardly spins, etc.) I can’t really feel a difference in play. I don’t really get why people go crazy over some bearings. a yye c size bearing is more than adequate. sure a crucial groove or a one drop ten ball are slightly better, but it’s not enough to merit paying $10-15 bucks for. just my 2 cents.