Review on YYF Yuuksta.

okay, so alot of people were overreacting over a review i did and it was my first one, so here it goes ill try to make it better! okay, this review is on the yyf yuuksta signature model of yuuki spencer, and this yoyo is great! all metal yoyo, the specs are: Diameter:50.0 mm / 1.96 inches, Width:39.0 mm / 1.54 inches, Weight: 65 Grams. Response.:CBC Slim pad. Bearing Size, CBC SPEC Bearing
Size C (.250 x .500 x .187). I think its a pretty light throw for an all metal, its great for grinds, armgrinds,thumbgrinds, fingergrinds, whatever u like. It is undersdized i think, And YES THIS IS AN H SHAPED YOYO. its got a wide gap, yeah. Please have better comments, thanks.

Try to explain how the specs affect play, be it positive or negative. Also, try to make some comparisons with other yoyos you already have.