Crucial Dulce


Done on my iTouch, so please correct spelling if there are any!

The Crucial Dulce. It was May 29 2013, and I had just come back from prelims. My Dad hae given me $100 to spend and the Dulce had just caught my eye. The striking splash, the aggressive shape, it seemed to perfectly fit my style.

So I picked up a B Grade one for $50.

As I said, the aggressive shape drew me over. The shape has made its return from the Confection. For all who don’t know, the Confection was a full size throw with the same shape. It was the Signature of Darrell Mitchell, master of arm combos. I had always been a follower of Darrell and when the Confection had been discontinued before I had one in my collection, I was saddened. I was very happy to see that the shape and essence of the confection was being reborn into the Dulce. Another thing that stuck out to me was the weight. This was actually drew me away a little, as it weighed 69g, easily on the heavy side. But, you never know, I might like it. The ano on it has a slight polish, so grinding isn’t the best on this.

Included Swag:
Came with a yellow string and flat bearing. However, there was a special with the B Grades, so my flat bearing was upgraded to a Crucial Grooved v2 bearing and I got a nice Crucial Holster. While on the subject of the holster, let’s do a micro review. Being parial to purple, I got the Gray with Purple lettering holster. So far, it has served its purpose, but I suspect the securer will get loose sooner or later. The only thing I can complain about right now is in the beginning, the swivel thingy was squeaky and got quite annoying as every step was accompanied with a single squeak. Overall though, pretty satisfied with the deal I got.

First Throw:

I call my first throw with the Dulce the leap of faith. Instead of the common timid, weakerthanusual first throw, I threw it with all my might. Amazing. The smoothness was unbelievable. I snapped out of my trance and dove into my “tester” combo a.k.a. my one throw combo. No sweat. Usually I mess up my first combo with a yoyo merely because of unfamiliarality (<- Dis a word?). This yoyo just seemed to click with me. With the finishing bind,
Nakamura: Sweet combo. You’re pretty good *nods head

Me: O3O Thank you

Wow. Crucial is a genius. First of all, the heaviness gives it the superior spin time versus standard 65-67g throws. So that’s pretty awesome. But here comes the genius. The aggressive shape also gives it that speed and compensate for the would-be sluggy play of the weight. Now, you get the best of both worlds. I like the illusion of it being wide. They keep the diameter just teetering between fullsize and midsize to make things look wide. Basically, 42mm isn’t THAT wide, but the slightly diameter makes it look wide. Oh yes, and this thing shines in horizontal play. Out front, they say the Dulce is the perfect horizontal player.

And I agree.

The aggressive shape and heavy weight make horizontals a breeze. I can finally pull off behind the back horizontals and other hardcore stuff like that. If you want a cheat code for horizontals, buy this throw. Also, don’t try to go fast with this throw. It goes fast by itself. The initial throw gives the throw enough momentum (thanks to the 69g) to carry a consistent speed throughout your combo.

The only thing I can complain about is the response. The Crucial Pads are very grippy and when I put AMMO on it, my knuckles died. I put some thin Kitty String on it to counter the grip and it worked! So I may replace the pads sometime with IrPads because speed and grip do not like each other.

This yoyo is great for speed, long spin times to get you through that risky combo, and to look like a hypebeast with its amazing horizontal potential. It can actually play any style you want, the heaviness can help you. Quick styles (fits best with this throw, the shape AND weight helps. You can’t go wrong with this throw and isn’t hyped enough. Too good guys, too good.

How’d you like this review? Done on my iTouch, so I guess, not my best work. I may upload pictures based on overall feedback! Request it and I will obey!


Great review, ive never tried one, but I hear great things about crucial all the time.


Really good review! Informative, and easy to read. Do you think you,could post pictures of not only the throw, but the holster you got?


Once I get back from Hawaii. As I said, this was done on mobile so I’m kinda limited.