crucial tres leche

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the newest and final yoyo for the Born Crucial milk yoyo series by far the best sporting an h shape design size c bearing oring born crucial spr i highly recommend it
pm me if you want to know how to get one

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heres a pic of the white i have the black one

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a nice pic of mine


which is better… half and half or tres leches


It’s your preferences, and a bunch of sites already have them, and YYE will be getting them in this week.


Haven’t used either, so are they like the same thing basically, just disregard the h shape?


No, they’re just both different yoyos. Is the Dark Magic the same as a Duncan Butterfly?


I don’t think you understand.


I do.


Alright, so if I told you I like my yoyos on the smaller side of things, good stability, decently smooth and slightly faster you could recommend one of the two?


Yes, the Half and Half then.


Thanks a bundle.


Is that a thank you?


Of course.


Then I’m glad to be of help!

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this is a review board not a discussion board and the tl is the best in my opinion


nice yoyo dude.