Crucial Half & Half and Tres Leches


Can some people who have both give some reviews. I’m not sure which one to get. I’m new to Crucial Yo-yos.

(LookAYoYo) #2

well i dont have either, but i threw both. it really depends on your style, and what you like already. if you are more into 1a, and like a DV8 shape, get the half/half.

the tres leches was built with 3a in mind, but either will work for either

(Yo!It'sMatt) #3


The tres leches link you posted didn’t provide any significant results.
Instead of doing that why didn’t you just help him? You just came off as a jerk.
Or if you didn’t know how to answer his question you could have left the thread alone. I don’t understand why people are so harsh on this forum sometimes, it’s like people on here get enjoyment on putting down new posters.

But I’ve only played the half and half and I loved it. It plays on par with any metal out there but if I had to describe the play I’d say it kinda feels like a slightly lighter and faster dv888.
As for the tres leches, I don’t know. The shape is reminiscent of the genesis though so it probably plays somewhat similar to that. Probably a little faster though due to the lighter weight.


We don’t have fun putting down new posters.  It’s also not his fault that Google didn’t come up with any results.  And no, the Tres Leches plays nothng like a Genesis.  People just suspect that because of it’s shape.  But you’ll be surprised on how different it plays.


Yeah, I said i wasn’t sure about the tres leches. Sorry about that.
And you’re right, it’s not his fault Google didn’t yield results. But If I was going to use the, “let me google that for you,” website in a post to someone I would make sure the results are relevant or else I would look like a jerk. The bottom line of my post was that it seems people on this forum are really condescending to new posters and make an attempt to make them feel not welcome. Not everyone is going to be internet and forum experienced enough to think to google every time they want information anyway.


He was not being a jerk. Take a joke man that isnt mean.


Alright, if he was joking then i apologize. But it still came off as condescending. I’m sorry for starting an argument, I just don’t like the attitude a lot of posters have towards new players.


We should just get back on track.
Agument ended.