Crucial half and half?

I have an 888x, I’m looking for something more stable and maybe a teensy bit bigger, and for the longest time I had the gnarwhal in mind. But then I came across this work of art. I’m wondering how it plays from a 1a/5a perspective, the fact that it’s so cheap, plastic and supposed to outplay many metals caught my eye. Any crucial owners wanna help me out?

I personally love my crucial half in half.
Even though it is plastic it does outplay most metals I’ve used.
What I like most about this is that its durable and plays very light on the string especially for 5a

I don’t have it, but I know some about it. It plays very well, and really good for it’s reasonable price. Outplays most metals, good for 5A/1A, and just a beast delrin plastic that I highly recommend.

Thanks for the input guys!

Your welcome!

Ordered it yesterday. I cant wait for it.

Awesome, you’ll love it so much!!! Also, YYE will be releasing Crucial yoyos tonight, or on Thursday night depending on when their “artist” finishes them.

Oh thats great! I still have some cash left, hopefully i can get another crucial :smiley: