Crucial Half and Half: A High Speed YoYo Review

When someone starts talking about “High End Yo-Yos” I’m betting the first thing that flashes through your head is a sleek and sexy aluminum yo-yo whizzing through the air on some custom made polyester strings. I’m almost certain that the last thing that comes to mind would be a plastic yo-yo. It is a crying shame that plastics are being relegated to the bargain bin as the starter yo-yos for people just getting into the hobby. The simple fact of the matter is that high-end plastics are not getting the recognition that they deserve. Companies like Crucial and 3Yo3 have shown time and time again that plastic, in its various forms, can be used to make compelling, high performance alternatives. These are not the injection molded, mass produced plastics with press fit weight rings or custom modifications needed to play like a metal. Instead these are hand crafted yo-yos using some of the same techniques that go into producing those high-end metals. Today we are looking at the Half and Half from Crucial. Crucial, originally Born Crucial, hit the scene back in 2007 with the first Delrin yo-yo The Milk. After the success of the Milk, Crucial owner Paul Yath, went on to release several more full sized Delrin yo-yos as well as his first metal, the Heavy Cream. With this latest release, we are seeing something unique in the world of plastics, an undersized performance yo-yo. Will a yo-yo with roughly the same specs a One Drop MarkMont be able to compete at the same level or am I completely wrong about there being compelling, high performance plastics?

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Got mine and it’s responsive. Does it have to be broken in? I don’t want to think I just threw away 75 bucks for something responsive.

Its the ghost pads you just have to wear them in.

its been a good three days of having it, still responsive. ive used it a lot too.

clean your bearing