Crucial Heavy Cream: A High Speed YoYo Review

When thinking about Crucial three things come to mind, creative packaging, grooved bearings, and most importantly Delrin yo-yos. While others have made Delrin yo-yos, it was Crucial (then Born Crucial) who really put them on the. I have talked, at length, with Paul Yath about the complexity of machining Delrin versus metal. Heat and warping are much more of a concern, but he found it quite rewarding when once he finished a plastic and had it perform silky smooth. While he is a huge fan of Delrin, Paul is not one to shy away from machining aluminum. He first experimented machining aluminum with the prototype Metal Milk. A couple Metal Milks were released to the general public but a production run was never made. Today we are looking at the first retail metal to come from Crucial, the Heavy Cream. Now we get to see if Paul’s attention to detail and the lessons learned from working in the oft times aggravating Delrin medium have given him a leg up when machining aluminum or if he is better off sticking with that sweet, medical grade plastic that has given him his claim to fame.

Note: This review is of the production run Heavy Cream. There was a limited run Heavy Cream for clothing company UNI4RM that had the additional feature of using the Crucial SPR system for its response. The retail version does not have the SPR system.

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