Almost 10 years since the release of the original Milk, and after a 2 year hiatus from making yo-yos we are stoked to hear that Paul Yath is back at it again! He taught himself how to machine parts, operate a CNC lathe, and is back with the latest incarnation of his classic design. The Crucial Fresh Milk!

The Fresh Milk is the culmination of everything Paul has learned designing and throwing yo-yos over the course of his professional career. It has low walls to maneuver complex tricks, an organic profile for that classic feel, and an improved weight distribution that gives the Fresh Milk an amazing feel on the string.

Crucial machined the Fresh Milk from Delrin, which provides a smooth grind finish, and fitted it with some very cool fingerspin friendly hubs.

It’s great to see Crucial back in action! This yo-yo is a top performer and super fun to throw. Pick up a Fresh Milk and live the Crucial life!