One Drop Rally: A High Speed YoYo Review


In the world of yo-yos there seems to be three distinct classes of yo-yo: woods, plastics, and metals. Wood yo-yos are beautiful but are seen as “old school” or “classic” and are a nostalgia piece for some. On the other end of the spectrum you have metals, seen as the highest end of yo-yo manufacturing. These are the yo-yos that competition players throw and there for must be what you need in order to win competitions… not necessarily true but we have all met the kids starting out who think this. Stuck in the middle is the trusty plastic yo-yo. These can be seen as a classic, think Duncan Butterfly or even the Free Hand. More times than not they are considered beginner level. Don’t believe me? Go to your popular forum of choice and ask for “a beginner yo-yo for a young child” and see what is suggested. I bet most of them are plastics. While there is nothing wrong with this thinking, some love the feel of a plastic throw. Many companies have worked hard to make more “high performance” plastics due to the demand from plastic loving players. Most of these higher end plastics are machined out of acrylic or Delrin with companies like 3Yo3 and Crucial leading the pack. These tend to be priced similar to metals due to the machining cost and trickiness that comes with working with the materials. Then there is the other camp that is making molded plastics with weight rings or, in the case of the upcoming CLYW plastic, using a glass infused polycarbonate to achieve the desired performance. Weight rings are nothing new, Buzz-On and YoYoJam have been using them for years with their various designs, so have modders who have been machining rings that snap in where the caps are on a Duncan FHZ. Molded plastics are cheaper due to produce but tend to have a little vibe due to the molding process, which can have a slight pooling of material on one side of the yo-yo or the other. All that being said, One Drop has decided to enter the plastic market with a molded model with weight rings called the Rally. I am curious to see how a company known for ultra-strict tolerances and in house machining of all the parts will compensate for having to hand control to a third party molding company.

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You have renewed my want of this throw. :slight_smile:


Well now my choice between the Rally or Yeti has gotten even closer!


This throw looks beautiful. Thank you for your review.


Hmmmm, $45. Severe vs Rally. Which do you think I’ll pick? :wink:


I have not plays a Severe so I can’t compare the two. I have played many plastics in my day and this is pretty much THE smoothest plastic I have played.

One thing I have noticed when it comes to the world of plastics. Thee is a group that do not want weight rings they want solid plastic bodies. Anyone have insight into why people feel that way?

(kclejeune) #7

I’m willing to bet rally…


It varies for me. I like full body plastics because I feel like they are more durable, less parts means a smoother yoyo too. They also have a different feel to them, weight rings make a plastic feel like a metal. The Rally looks to be very promising though, I will have to pick one up.


The Yeti and the Rally sounds so cool. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get both.


Just got my Rally in the mail today, and I have to say, it’s my new favorite throw. My favorite used to be my Burnside, but this comes off of my hand so much nicer than the Burnside does. It is very stable and spins forever.


I’m very impressed by the Rally! This is the best plastic with metal rim yoyo I’ve ever played.


Thanks, for the review, I enjoyed it, as usual. However, it has raised a few questions for me.

I have been waiting to pull the trigger on another plastic and the addition of the Rally to the choices is not simplifying matters. Ever since I accidentally hard bounced my three-day old Cascade on the sidewalk, I have switched to using a Protostar as my street/sidewalk throw because I am not worried about it if I happen to bounce it. However, I like the feel of delrin better than the hard (polycarbonate?) plastic of the Protostar. I have been thinking about a Severe or Trigger or something along those lines. But I have several other 1drop models, and I generally think of them as my favorites. I would think that a silky plastic Code2 would really hit a sweet spot.

Can anyone describe the plastic that the Rally is made from? Is it more polycarbonate-like, or more silky like a delrin yo. Onedrop doesn’t call it delrin so I doubt that it is. From the opaque coloring, it LOOKS more like a soft-feel plastic, but I am curious about the actual feel.



Good question. This is a polycarbonate yo-yo BUT it has been run through the machines at the One Drop shop so it has the feel of a silky smooth blast finish. It grinds quite well, better than Delrin in my opinion.


Feels more like a delrin. Grinds for days.


I think it’s basically a Delrin similar plastic made from a different brand. I think the plastic is called Celcon.


The Rally is polycarbonate, that comes direct from the guys at One Drop while I did research for the review.

(kclejeune) #17

I wouldn’t call it silky. It’s a very nice finish however. Grinds better than delrin. It feels very solid, just the material in general. It sounds like metal when you flick it.


Thanks to all for your input. You have sold me on the perceived favorable feel of the plastic. My order is in! Just waiting on the mailman…