Onde drop?

how good are the mango rallys from one drop? are they a good plastic?

In my humble opinion, the Rally is the best plastic/metal hybrid that I’ve ever played.

It’s my personal favourite yoyo, and I think the feel of throwing a plastic yoyo with such great performance is something very enjoyable. Not only do you get a great looking and performing yoyo, but you get Onedrop build quality, which means minimal vibe (for a plastic), and a proper bearing seat without those accursed spacers. :slight_smile:

Also, just look at them! Dem’ Mango ones are beautiful. ;D

Best plastic there is. It doesn’t match the performance of high-end metals, but its feel is really unique. It’s hard to put down once you start playing with it.

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You can’t go wrong at all no matter which Onedrop you choose. Some of the finest quality out there.

I have two Rally’s. They are good.