Official One Drop Rally Final Specs and Release Date


Three years in the making: One Drop presents the Rally - a premium performance plastic yoyo made in the U.S.A.

The first colorway will be “Spring Rain” and will release on July 19th. MSRP $45.

We set out to match the nostalgic feel of plastic with the performance of modern metal while maintaining our high quality standards and “made in the USA” ethos. The result is a wing shaped design based on the CODE 2 featuring a marbleized catch zone for superior grinds. The machined and anodized aluminum rings complete the weight distribution for long spins and the type of performance players have come to expect.

Weight: 67 grams
Width: 43mm
Diameter: 58mm
Stock Response: Flow Groove
Gap Width: 4.2 mm
Bearing Size: Large © stainless steel (One Drop 8 Ball)
Finish: Machined Plastic
Axle System: Custom machined nuts and inserts


Yes! A release date. Im really excited for it!

(SlimJoe) #3

I have not been this excited for a plastic since the Protostar.

Got my eyes on Spring Rain! Looking forward to see what other colors come out!


Such a sharp looking yoyo. Can’t wait to grab one.


If this is better than the Blue Rally I tried at BAC, I will die. I can only buy 1 more yoyo this year.


I love the color of the plastic, but i’m not digging the black weight rings. Any chance we’ll see a color run with silver or different colored weight rings?


Different ano’d rings will be done.


That is too awesome.

I wonder if they will be selling them at the Kendama contest in Seattle.



it says

Specifications: - 58mm diameter - 64 grams in weight - Wing Shaped – Inspired by The Code2 - Marbleized Catch Zone for Superior Grinds

so 64 or 67? because 64 would please me more, but I suspect 67…


Oh yes, she will be mine.


I’m going to get the Yeti first. :stuck_out_tongue:


When is this?




Y’all need to make a high end one called the f1. You start with rally. Move onto cafe racer and end up in f1


“Weight: 67g”

YES i was worried it might be too light when i saw the specs of the prototype version. ;D.


That was probably the prototype version. If so, prototypes are made so companies can test a yoyo and find the good qualities of a throw, as well as the bad ones. By the looks of it, somewhere down the line, someone said it was too light, and others agreed, thusly making the final production run heavier.

The specs listed are the final specs, meaning the specs of the yoyo that is going to be released. So I’m nearly 100% it’s going to be 67g.  :)

But Dang (Haha, get it Dang… Paul… No one? Okay.), these look so good! Now I’m split between this and the Yeti. Guess we’ll have to see what colors the Yeti come in, and we have to wait and check if the Rally vibes less, which I assume it will because of the Aluminum weight rings and all…


I’m wondering, why’d you go with the 8 ball bearing instead of the 10 ball? To keep prices down?


67 grams for the final production version




I’m so hyped about this new throw! I’m putting off my purchase of a high end throw in order to buy bothe the Yeti and The Rally at the same time. I’m so excites!!!