Help identifiying Crucial Half and Half

Hey guys, I recently saw a beautiful Crucial Half and Half at a yoyo store near to where I’m staying. It is a purple color, with lighter purple polka dots. Can anyone give me information on what the name of the colorway is (if it has one), and how rare it is? It is the last one at the shop (which has a Buddah King!), and is retailing for $129 Singapore, or basically $100 US. I know it’s a bit high for a Half and Half, but it is so tempting! Plus, these are a bit hard to find.

Would you guys recommend this throw in general? I’ve played some (and own) Crucial Delrins, but not the Half and Half. I want a new pocket throw–I’m getting a bit tired of carrying Ministars. I’m having a hard time deciding between this, a Ywet, or (another) Positron. Maybe I can try it at the store…

I’m open to ANY recommendations. I try to keep an open mind. Suggest anything too! This store has it ALL! From Buddah Kings to Jamboos! Yesterday Chris Chia swung by the store with a bag full of 15-20 YYR’s! He’s a cool guy!

I’ll post pics if I can, but I only have my phone camera because my NIKON BROKE IN TRANSIT. :’(

I’ve never even heard of that colourway, so it must be.

Still looking for help guys! Maybe I should PM Mr. Yoyotrader…

Maybe if you could post some photos it would help.

The H&H is kinda shaped like a dv888 as well as similar in size. They sold new for $75USD. I think they are discontinued at this point, so I’d say if you can get it for $60 or so that would be sweet. I don’t feel it’s worth more than $60.