Crucial Delrin

Hi guys,

I wanted to get a delrin yoyo for a change. So i’m looking to buy a crucial. But i don’t know which one… I like the shape of all of them (cream, half and half, très leches).
I kinda like undersize yoyo’s but i’m open for full sized models…

Anyway, on an episode of SBL, they reviewed the half and half, one of the things they said is that with the previous delrin models some of the lubricant from the delrin gets inside the bearing and you have to clean it after a couple of hours of play. But they said they somehow fixed this with the half and half… So do you have to clean a creme (or très leches) that much?

Which one of the 3 would you recommend for a lazy(don’t wanna clean my bearings so often :stuck_out_tongue: ) A1 player?


With the PREVIOUS delrin models. No need to worry, yoyo expert has the latest versions of yoyos, and, if by chance you DO get a defective one, hit Andre up.

all crucials own, pick names out of a hat. :smiley:

well they made the tres leches after the half and half which means that the bearing seat thing was fixed in the tres leches as well because its the last delrin.

half and half is undersized, plays extremely well andsuper stable… Watch Dacklink’s video!