Crucial Delrin

I’m interested in the Crucial delrin yoyos: the half and half, and the tres leches. I had a couple questions that I hoped someone could answer.

  1. Can they be as dead smooth as CLYWs or an 888x? If not, can they with a CT or KK bearing?
  2. How much vibe do they have?

They should be high class plastics, and I’m pretty sure they are dead smooth the way they are. And a CT or KK will not make a yoyo smoother. A 10 ball bearing would.

Actually, I put a CT bearing in my BvM and it’s a ton smoother. My friend did the same with his 888x, and it’s also a lot smoother.

Maybe you’re lucky, but it isn’t supposed. Well I have 2 CT bearings and they just give the yoyo a ton of “cracky” noise. Like it’s normal cause it happens to my freinds CT bearing and it seems to give us uncomfortable feels.

Well, I guess it doesn’t necessarily make it smoother. But without a CT, one almost every throw, I feel the string rub against the response system, and when that happens, there’s some friction that I can feel. That doesn’t happen with a center trac.

mine does that too.

Okay, back to the Crucial Delrins!

It should be smooth already. If not, get a flat bearing, not a curved bearing like the KK or CT. 10-Ball Bearing by OneDrop or a Spec Bearing should do the trick.

I had my doubts about Delrin, but I tried out the Rec Rev Papier Mache all Delrin yoyo and I was awe struck. It really does feel like a glass bead blast. It’s super slick and great for Grinds. I have to believe that Crucial’s is awesome.