CRUCIAL DULCE PROTO!!! NOW ON EBAY(link inside)starting bid is $55! 5 DAYS LEFT

Paul Yath(owner of crucial) posted on Facebook that he was looking to sell his prototypes for his newest yoyo (the dulce)and sold them for $150 each. I was able to get my hands on one at a recent contest and have loved it. However I couldn’t help but wonder how it would do at auction. So heres an auction I will update with the highest bid daily. The dulce is mint with light scratches that all raw aluminum yoyos have it also has a VERY slight vibe that is NOT pulsating or annoying and you can’t feel it on the string, its not as smooth as a chief but it is NOT vibey. Pm me your bid ,bid seriously and do not back out Paypal only. OPENING BID IS $55 and shipping is $5.Bidding ends 2/2.


why not just use ebay?

More people will see it it if I use the forums and I’ve never been a fan of of eBay.

you can post a link to the ebay auctions. You’ll probably get more for it that way, even with ebay fees. There you’re going to have a lot of people bid within the last few minutes, and it will update the price automatically when someone bids instead of you manually having to update it.

you should say who posted the bids, just so we know that they’re legit.

i bidded on it