Help save Japan! Yoyo procceds go 100% to help those in Japan! RARE YOYOS!!!

Hey guys, Paul needed this posted on the forums so I’m just gonna post it for him. He is aware of this, I chatted with him on Face Book. Cause I know there’s a rule that unless it’s your ebay item, you can’t post it on the BST’s. But Paul said I can post it for him, because he dosn’t go on the forums much. And also, yes, I’m linking to the CRUCIAL site, but they don’t sell yoyos directly at the site so linking to this site shouldn’t be a problem.

Anyways, here is the link to the CRUCIAL site on the article Crucial Cares…Benifit Auction for Japan. All the info you need is on this site, and the yoyos are being sold on EBAY by Paul Yath (owner of Crucial) This is a great oportunity to get a yoyo and help out Japan. These yoyos are rare. There is a Wooden Milk, a rare Dyed Milk, and a Crucial X Werrd TFL88. ALL PROCEEDS TO JAPAN.

-James Reed