Crucial yoyos on YYE! READ!!!!!!!

So will be selling Crucial yoyos this week including the Half and Half, Tres Leches, and Heavy Cream! I’m so excited!!! I bet you guys all are too!!!

Nice, where’d you get this info?

I was about to mention that, but I forgot. Contacted Yoyoexpert to sell Crucial yoyos, and they responded and said that they will be getting them in this week!

Dang, nice one!

Yeah, so excited!

paul told me

I cant Wait! I really want a Tres Leaches! I can’t Wait to get one!

i got a black one last year at worlds pre pro oring response not pad

This is great! I have always wanted to try a Crucial yoyo. But, I don’t know if I should get a YFF spintop or a Crucial yoyo.

This is great to know. I have grown quite comfortable ordering from YYE and want to keep my business here.

Yeah, it’s going to be awesome!