Hspin Handquake, Crucial Yoyos

Hello all,
I’m Eric Ngu and is currently sponsored by Crucial. I’m selling some of my yoyo collection cause I need to get rid of some to make room. All items are for sale only and I only ship to the United States. Buyers pay first and I usually ship A.S.A.P (Include Shipping label and everything). I would be glad to work with you if there are any problems that may happen. PM me if interested. Cheers!  :wink:

Hspin Handquake yoyo:
This is a Mint Hspin Handquake yoyo. Comes with box. This is one of the first bi-metal yoyos to come out to market. This yoyo is a collector’s item.

Crucial Delicious yoyo:
The colorway is a purple/blue/green fade. It also has lightning patterns on the yoyo. There is only 1 of these colorways. It is mint and comes with a crucial groove bearing.
$75 shipped

Crucial Milkshake(4a yoyo):
This yoyo have a few scuffs (can barely be felt and it is barely noticeable). It has a small vibe (most derlin do. but can be corrected with a few tweaking), but plays really smooth. Comes with a regular crucial bearing (or a groove bearing if you want).
$50 shipped

Crucial Pre-Production A La Mode:
This is a raw Pre-Production yoyo. Has a few scratches being a raw yoyo, but can easily be polished out. Otherwise, it is mint. Comes with a crucial grooved bearing.
$45 shipped

Duncan Freehand 1 (Blue with Black caps) Yoyo MIP:SOLD
This is a rare Duncan Freehand 1 yoyo ( blue with black caps). The item is Mint in Package.

General-Yo 5 Star (First Generation) Yoyo: SOLD
This is a first generation General-Yo 5 Star yoyo. Only 4 were made of this design.  This yoyo is mint and comes with the box.

General-Yo Pre Production OG Torrent. Information listed in Ebay:SOLD
This is a raw pre-production Torrent Yoyo for sale. The yoyo is smooth and was barely used. Raw yoyos gets scratches over time, but can be polished off pretty easily. There are no dents on the yoyo and it comes with a concave bearing. Comes with a new string if purchased. Doesn’t come with a box. Only reason I am selling this yoyo is because I need funds.
Note: I am the seller of this yoyo. Ernie Kaiser verified it was a “genuine OG torrent.”

Crucial Super Heavy Cream: Sold
This yoyo was unofficially released. It takes off of the heavy cream but it has an added about 5 grams. There are few of these. This yoyo has a vibe and one small scratch on the metal. Comes with a crucial center track bearing.
$60 shipped

Crucial Cupcake:Sold
This yoyo is mint and it comes with a crucial groove bearing. It has a fade colorway of green/light green. comes with the crucial bag under the yoyo.
$60 shipped

Crucial A.Y.C.E: SOLD
This yoyo is Light Blue/Pink. Has a few scratches on the rims and can barely be felt.Otherwise, near mint. Plays smoothly and comes with a crucial grooved bearing.
$30 shipped

buy the milkshake+Delicious+al la mode for $160