Crococorey's BST


Hey guys! Been a while! It seems I found myself a few new hobbies and pass times, and find myself rarely throwing anymore. Trust me this is not my whole collection, I’m keeping a few of my favorites. But, I figured why not sell a few?
All prices are negotiable!

5$ for shipping!

ILYY VOID- near mint 50-55$
Very good condition, no vibe, but a few tiny scuffs here and there. Great throw. One side blue, the other gold.

YYJ PHENOMIZM- near mint 45-50$
Very good condition, no vibe, one dent does not affect play. Good for fast tech combos (I could never do :D) Green with red writing.

YYJ VEXXED 30-35$- Near mint
No visible scuffs, fairly smooth for a plastic. Fun little guy! Black.

PAIR OF MODDED RAIDERS 25-30$- No damage
Had these little guys modded professionally buy someone on the forums a few years back. They loop magnificently but I’m no looper :P. One is Hawaii glow-in-the-dark one, the other is a see through green one.

Again, all prices are completely negotiable. Feel free to PM with any questions! I can take better pictures for you if you are interested as well.

Thanks for taking a look!


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Are these prices shipped?

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