YYJ BST (My first)

Hey guys i am getting rid of some of the stuff in my collection. I am mostly looking to sell but you can offer for trades. I will meet you halve ways in the shipping (you pay 3.50 and i pay 3.50). Prices of the yoyos are not including shipping. Let me know what you think of my BST.

First: YYJ Phenomizm Pending

Details: has two small scratches. Smooth player and all around good throw.
Price $50

Second: YYJ Hitman GONE

Details: Color is bright yellow which is like a neon yellow. One side does not have the caps. Has few scratches on the rims. Has CBC pads and a Spec bearing for maximum unresponsive play. Its a good throw for new players
Price $25

Third: YYJ Speeder Pending

Details: Color is black and has the new caps. My first bi- metal yoyo it has like 5 scratches on the rims but doesn’t affect play. One side is star burst and the other has a CBC pad. Comes with a center trac bearing
Price $25

Lastly: My Sunsets

My first great 2a yoyos. Its going to be hard getting them off of me. Each has a small scratch but nothing that affects play.
Price $30 (since they dont make these anymore)

feel free to make offers but remember i am mostly selling. If you have any questions PM me.

  • Money
  • Clyw (i will make package deals)
  • YYF metals( the good ones and again i will do package deals)

G5 with white hubstacks Buddha king edition sum scratches and 1 ding very smooth for the phenomizum

Mint condition means no scratches, no dings, just as though you bought it new (or, in numismatic terms, as though the coin was just freshly minted). Please don’t use the term if you don’t know what it means.

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So the scratches themselves are Mint or the yo-yo is Mint? I just can’t figure out how a yo-yo could be mint and have scratches.

Are you saying the scratches are a bonus that come with a mint yo-yo?
If so, I have a nice mint condition television that comes with a free baseball bat inserted into the front of it, free of charge.


mint /mint/ 1.(of an object) In pristine condition; as new

Hey young’n, edit your post to match this definition of mint.

Bump probably going to be the last one before i make a new bst with some yyf’s