Revamped BST! Massive Sale! Don't miss out on these.

Hey fellow throwers! I’m revamping my BST to fund a trip to Europe this summer. So check out what I have for sale and PM me with any questions! :slight_smile:

Also, I have 38 positive feedback on YYN under the username ‘Cole’

Please keep in mind that each price is not including shipping. Shipping is $5 for priority mail.


Original Pre-release Irony JP. Again, it looks mint but I’ll say near mint to be safe. Smooth and am absolutely wonderful player. Taking offers on this one. ON HOLD
_MG_0036 by C0LETRAIN, on Flickr

Ti Walker #30. This has one TINY flatspot. Make me an offer.
_MG_0062 by C0LETRAIN, on Flickr

Sturm Panzer
Leo Sniper- Super cool throw. Seriously one of, if the the number one, best small bearing throws I’ve ever used. The stability and feel on this beauty is insane. Highly recommended. $140
_MG_0053 by C0LETRAIN, on Flickr

Barely Legal
Babysitter: mint with a little vibe. These are super hard to find in the US. $70
_MG_0024 by C0LETRAIN, on Flickr

Treesome- fair amount of damage on the rims. Vibe similar to the Babysitter. Again, hard to find in the US. $50
_MG_0031 by C0LETRAIN, on Flickr
_MG_0027 by C0LETRAIN, on Flickr
_MG_0030 by C0LETRAIN, on Flickr

Octave 1. Mint and a great player. I have an octave 3 as well if anyone wants to buy that too.
_MG_0032 by C0LETRAIN, on Flickr

Raptor- Mint. I can include the original caps if you’d like. $30


Is that with shipping?

You’re another one that seems to break the rules quite often. Don’t post in the threads please, if you want something, PM the person. Take a look at the rules again, please. Seriously. Not even kidding.,1529.0.html




Looking for No Jives, TBMR, and a SPYY EH!

PMed please reply


Trade with this guy.

PMed you a couple times, but you only replied once…

Dude call or text me so i can buy the freq.wav and possibly the facade today call or text me 443-529-5546

Texted. All PMs will be responded to today

Merry Christmas and happy holidays bump!


Bump, need some cash. PM me for some good deals

Bump! Massive update!


Note: don’t think this is a super rare factory anti yo, I saw the same exact one on yoyonation while back and it said custom annoed eetsit, just thought I’d put that out their, still awesome factory or custom annoed

Really? I’ll change the description

I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure it’s just customed annoed, can anyone else confirm this factory or custom annoed?