Creativity Battle! May the most creative player, be the Victor :D

(UmeNagisa) #1

Alrighttt! So Here is a battle, you must all judged SOLELY on Creativity!
May the odds ever be in your favor :wink:

You have 1 week so VOTE!
(Sorry to those who got disqualified! You never sent me a video :confused: )

Irwin Elkblood (Owen)
velez_adrian (Adrian)


yairhonig (Yair)

witlessone (Zach)

AznnboyaZ (Wilson)

(UmeNagisa) #2

Owen! Super crisp, super clean. Concise and strong. Wow.
Adrian! 1 take?! DANG. That was so clean and super techy for a 1 take! You could be such a prelim monster!
Mughees. You told me you weren’t good. You lied. You have such an artistic flair! Some of those moves I couldn’t even comprehend, and they were so stylish!
Yair, You sir did it Jensen style I DIG that first move! Man. I gotta work on finger spins.
Zach, and that “Best trick” Was so stunning and so brilliant! Man oh man.

Looks like competition is tough! Good luck you all <3


Wilson definitely was the most creative. Some honorable mentions are:Mughees and Yairhnog. The others I found were quite stereotypical of what you would see in a contest. The three I mentioned were definitely outside the box thinkers.

(Owen) #4


(velez_adrian) #5

Alright, cool

(velez_adrian) #6

Adrian! 1 take?! DANG. That was so clean and super techy for a 1 take! You could be such a prelim monster!
I am a monster when it comes to contests. Haha


Wilson get’s my vote, it was creative from begining to end.

Maybe you could take a moment to learn how to make mistakes ;D (learning that before MWR would be prefered)
Super nice video though.


Wilson gets my vote, awesome 1st combo
Adrian was a close second though for his one take vid

Really wish my video didn’t corrupt before I had to go camping >.<


Ahem… um contest tricks are generally the most creative tricks (in the hands of a good player.)

(Owen) #10

Sorry but I’ve never been to a contest where there was a single yoyoer (who placed well, mind you) who was similar or followed a stereotype. I believe Colin Beckford wrote some kinda paper thing about how “Asian generitech” actually has a lot more depth if you actually take the time to look at it and not just take a glance and go “meh, next freestyle”

and gosh golly i didnt know this was a creativity contest lol otherwise i’d have used my ‘dumb’ tricks.

(UmeNagisa) #11

Aww! Its okay, We can have a rematch after this is over :wink:


All the entries are crazy man! Good luck to All! Wilson gets my vote :wink:


Yair, where do you buy invisible string? Made it hard to follow but still impressive


bad camera…
and it cutted the first horizontal combo to finger spin gyro flop :-\

but it was easy because i used YYF Horizon ;D ;D

(UmeNagisa) #15

I’m pretty shocked that Mughees doesn’t have more votes!
and extremely humbled that I’m in the lead! Wow. I really wasn’t expecting to be so ahead.
I’m feeling pretty good now :smiley:


it’s rigged
it’s rigged
I know it’s rigged!

JK, I think you won. ;D


thanks man, but you said strictly on creativity and clearly , you won! :wink:

(velez_adrian) #18

i actually read that when it was up. It’s a very interesting topic.