Battle anyone?

(UmeNagisa) #1

So! I want to have a battle. Votes will be done as, whos tricks are more unique and creative. This is a battle of creativity. Unlimited cuts, 1-1:30 time limit. Anyone want to take a jab at me? :smiley:


Looking forward to see this battle. Getting popcorn and keyboard ready. :slight_smile:


I’ll challenge you to a walk the dog war

(LordCanti) #4

Only if you’re using USA Hatricks on concrete! :wink:


Sure ill battle you! :slight_smile: just give me till the weekend to film

(UmeNagisa) #6

Awesomeee. Mughees vs AznnboyaZ then! :smiley:

Message me when you’re done, and lets go! :smiley:

(Owen) #7

i can batttle

(UmeNagisa) #8

Lets addd you in!

(Owen) #9



You monster.


SO where would all the videos be posted?
Here, in this thread? or a new thread would be made?
This would be awesome.

(UmeNagisa) #12

I guess I’ll make a poll in another thread in the Videos section, when the other 2 submit!


Never :o

(UmeNagisa) #14

So, Whenever Y’all finish your videos, PM me the link and I’ll post em :smiley:


nice! can’t wait to check out some of the vids. but I think after the first round, if there’s more, I think the next vids should be done without any cuts or editing. just a straight minute thirty of pure freestyle. that should separate the pups from the big dogs! lol


I’ll send you a vid when I have time in the next couple if days :slight_smile:

(UmeNagisa) #17

I was thinking, just a 1 week long poll, for however many competitors!

And I was thinking, only have a round 2 if there ends up being a tie, or anything like that.
Makes things cleaner and easier :slight_smile:

Plus with bangers/super creative/weird style tricks. 1 take freestyles are usually near impossible, unless you’re Janos or Riccarod Fraolini :wink:

(velez_adrian) #18

I want a battle, where would I give you my video.

(velez_adrian) #19

When’s the due date

(UmeNagisa) #20

Direct message it to me!
And Due date. Lets say.
Monday all the Videos I have, will go to the thread :slight_smile:
So Sunday, would be the last day to enter! and Monday afternoon I’ll make the Poll!