Crazy Stairs Trick

here is one of my favorite original tricks! let me know what you think, and subscribe if you haven’t yet new stuff coming out :)! Also sorry for the poor editing haha, Enjoy really wanna hear your reactions. Also share to anyone who may like it or gain from it.



did you really like it that much

Super impressive trick, really cool to watch.

wait you guys really like it? any feed back?

I hope to be that good some day!

Recently picking up Ladder Escape, I thought this was neat to see, I should pick up some more tricks or just mess around more with the ladder mount.

Thank you all! Please subscribe more many more tricks are coming soon! Thank you to everyone for the compliments.

Just a tip/request, future tutorials, can you do a “mirrored” view for the right-handed throwers? There’s some good stuff but my brain has a hard time translating a left-handed throw :slight_smile:

I could definitely try! Ahh how do you do that though on iMovie my knowledge of video editing is still developing haha.

Not too familiar with iMovie actually (I use Adobe Premiere). There might be some sort of effect to flip something horizontally, not sure.

I just looked it up… in iMovie, open your project, double-click the video selection you want to edit, select effects, and click flipped.

ill try and figure something out haha, but yeah keep in touch with my channel. I am just getting started. You should all subscribe :)!

Thank you wood rat!

Yea mandiz, that was some good stuff!