Sunny Day

A quick, fun video. Playing around with iMovie '09, and I got it into HD somehow… not entirely sure how that happened, but I won’t complain!

Comments make me so happy, you have no idea!

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Very nice… I feel like Im doing great and then one of you guys post a video and Im like… Wow… Ima noob…

But very good job… Keep up the good work!

Oh god. That was amazing. Everything about it was…perfect! It will be among my favorites forever.

Inspiration for weeks.

Fantastic, Jeremy.

Awesome throws! I’m 25% in your style.

Happy Throwing! =]

can u make a tut for the trick u did from 1:14-1:28?

Trapeze to a trapeze and bro to a slack double or nothing to a swirl thingy to a slack 1 and 1/2 mount to a swirly thingy to a slack double or nothing, to a swirly thing again to a slack 1 and 1/2?

Nice it looked like you suprized your self with what you were landing.

No, not really.

Jeromy K., there was one trick that I was surprised at, the trapeze and brother one. I had invented it that morning, and was having a hard time with it. I was ready for a grueling filming session for it. Got it on the first try O.O

Thanks for the kind words, all!

keep up the good work that vid was awesome ur good at yoyoing keep on practicing youll be as good as the pros

Good job Xdohl! Keep up the good work! Very Impressive!