Crazy D?

Hey guys I’m looking into buying a Crazy D by sOMETHING, but before I do I wanted to know of any first impressions or reviews. Pics of it in your hand and just comparisons would be nice.

Just tell me what you know or what you have heard of the Crazy D.

Thanks in advance

I’ve heard “best delrin ever” and also “Hiroyuki has the anglam and thinks he can just make an awesome delrin, but he clearly cannot” so I really don’t know. I’ve never tried it.

Found it to be fairly good. Fun. I would only pay full price for the GITD edition however. A good plastic, feels nice, I liked it personally. Didn’t make my jaw drop or anything. Fun throw.

I enjoyed it smooth stable kind of fun
sort of feels like a 3a yoyo though

the crazy D is a yoyo that you either dislike or like their is no middle ground
but that’s just my opinion

I love my Crazy-d, has everything you want in a yoyo, feels kind of hollow though…

Played it briefly. Liked it. Definitely preferred it over the V, which was kinda disappointing.

The Crazy-D is a good playing delrin at a reasonable price. If you like the specs and the look of it then go for it.

It’s a very fun throw that I’ve carried around a good amount since I picked it up at nats. Between this and my leviathan nothing else gets thrown anymore :stuck_out_tongue: