Soooo I ordered a Crazy-d and an A-Grade f(x)I got the f(x) it vibed A LOT. I haven’t gotten the Crazy-D yet so HOW DOESIT PLAY. My f(x) was a bustthe only thing I am throwing right now is a Duncan Metropolis. Is the Crazy-D on the same level as the Metropolis, or was my $100 dollars spent a total bust. Am i in for a surprise with my Crazy-d Or not.

Thanks in advance


I’ve heard very good things about the V and sOMEThING as a whole, so you should be safe.


basicly the crazy d is not a bust i love mine it plays like some 100 dollar throws

(2Sick Joey) #4

The Crazy-D is EPIC! I love mine and i’m sure you will too.


with the f(x) just lightly lube the bearing. that’s all i did and it’s playing with light vibe that most plastics have. I totally love the f(x) but the same thing happened to me and what I said above was exactly what i did to fix the crazy noise and vibe.