What do you guys think about the d10? I haven’t heard anything about it, but I recently obtained one and it is great! It has been my favorite yoyo factory budget throw so far :slight_smile:


We’ll mine was my first metal throw, I’ve only been yoyoing for about 3 months. I like it a lot so far, anytime I’ve had issues with stability it’s been because of my own shortcomings. I can do finger spins on it fine and when thrown properly it has no vibes that I can detect. Just learned GT stall and cowabunga and it performs well for me. I do want to try others, of course, but I couldn’t be happier with a blind purchase out of the mystery box such as this. Plus, I got the sweet aqua color which is my favorite that I’ve seen so far.


I love it! It’s super good for Horizontal play


I’ll probably do a review on the D10 really soon, but so far, I have very little opinion on it. I throw it and not much seems to stand out about it for me. It may just take a little bit more throwing.


Glad you like it :wink:


I told myself that I had to edc something other than the d10, because that’s all I was ever using once I got it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: