Crazy-D for 3A?

Hello there, recently I have been looking for a new 3A pair and I was considering the torque and level 6, but plastic seem nicer for 3A but they don’t perform as well as metal. Then, I saw that the crazy D had ‘extreme stability’ since it was based of the superfly remix, a popular 3A yoyo. Also, I have never owned a delrin yoyo before, but I do like the feel of it the one time I played my friend’s severe.

My question is, should I get a pair of crazy Ds? Or will the other metals in the price range do better in terms of pure performance and stability?

I personally think the level 6 will perform better

That said I think rallys are more stable than the crazy D due to the metal weight rings in them and they tend to perform pretty well for 3A. Maybe look at the addiction too.

Thanks for the reply, I will most likely get the level 6.

This is a no brainer, Duncan Torque takes this by miles, I own all 3 yoyos and the Torque is just so much better for me.