Duncan Torque or C3 Level 6

Which one should i buy, which ones better for finger spins, overall preformance and what not

Level 6 is better for fingerspins and a tad more stable but I prefer the stepped profile of the torque

Cool im really feeling the torque but the level 6 looks so great

Dont know of i should buy right now or wait for the YYF mystery box…

I’d say torque.
Heard from many that it plays amazing, and I like the shape.
Not to mention that it comes with a Dif-E Konkave and can fit lateral caps which would make it better for finger spins

Lv6 is too heavy for just me.

I do not even know how to finger spin. I do own both yoyo’s.
I really like the Level 6 but I like the Torque even better. It has a long spin time, it is more comfortable and my tricks (the few I am able to do) are more consistent with the Torque.