3a recommendations


Hello. I am getting a pair of diffusions to learn 3a and in october, I will get a pair of budget metals for 3a.
My budget is $100 and so far, I am considering:
YYF horizon
Duncan torque
C3 level 6 (sparhawk’s recommendation)
These have appealed to me so far. These will have to be stable and take me to competition level 3a so I need to choose wisely. Any other suggestions a :)re welcomed and I have no preference, I just want the best within my budget.
Thank you :slight_smile:


Go with torques over the horizon. The torque is stable and is a good size and shape for 3a.


Torque between the 2

would personally grab a pair of level 6’s though since thy’re a bit thinner


Thank you for your replies!

I was considering the level 6 but I heard tat the torque plays better/more stable.


Anymore suggestions? If not, I will get either a torque or a horizon depending on the price.


I have to say, rally, or yyo muskets. I really like both of them for 3a. The rallys are stable, long spinning, and if they clash they don’t ding nor or make an odor. The muskets are very nice, easily maneuverable, stable, spins quite nicely. Both of these are pretty affordable. I’ve heard good things about the kilter but I’ve never tried them. C3 level 6 is really good as well from what I remember from trying them at the ut yoyo club. The thing I like most about these yoyos that they work really good for other styles as well so you have the option of using them for other styles.


the horizon is just too big for 3A

The torque is close enough that it should be fine for 3A

I’ll also second the rallys


I guess rallies seem like a good choice, but as with all plastics with weight rings, I’m afraid it might fall out upon heavy impact.


Naw the rally is super durable and I’ve been using mine like crazy and never had a problem. Also if anything does happen you can hit up one drop and they will take care of you!


Torque is your best option


I say a pair of Level 6’s.

(Yiyang Wang) #12

Duncan torque is the best choice by far. I have both rally and torque.