crappy annodization on 888x

is something wrong with my 888x? cuz I took off the hubstack assembly so i could do thumb grinds and such, and the inner annodization just comes off if i rub my finger on it. could someone help?

I heard that it happened to many other people too. :-\

Talk to Ben, I’m sure he could be able to help you. YYF has great customer service.

My 888x anno is fine.

i dont want to have to send in my 888x :frowning: my parents dont really like mailing expensive stuff.

Talk to Ben first to see what he can do.

What with the triple post?

happens to me to.

no they don’t. i asked them a question and never got a reply back. unless you consider ignoring your customers a good way to treat them.

Same here.They don’t reply.

I also heard many bad thing about yyf customer service…

Customer service emails get checked at least every day, and most days multiple times a day. Lately even on the weekend.

I have been doing it personally lately and everyone has been getting a reply.

The only emails that don’t get a reply are those who have not entered a working return email address.

If you have recently emailed and havn’t got a reply firstly check your mail filters to make sure your reply did not go into spam and then resend your message via the form on or email As stated above also, you can also contact your retailer.

As for anodize removal. With the 888x we went for flashy gloss insides and a durable performance bead blasted grinding surface. To maintain the precision and performance of our yo-yos we annodize in a way that guarantees smooth spin and precision. Thumb grinding was not a consideration as the yo-yo is designed with hubstacks and the focused energy of your fingernail during thumb grinds may remove some of the anodize from the yo-yo.

And there you have it. Case closed.