Cracked or Chipped Equinox

Has anyone’s YoYoJam Equinox cracked or chipped? Please tell me how it got cracked or chipped and how long you had it before it cracked or chipped.

for one thing, its an offstring yoyo…

And not all of them have rubber rims…?

nope, the equinox has polycarbonate rims, so, if it hits the concrete, you’ll hear a loud crack followed by a lifetime of sadness. :slight_smile:

edit: Now that I look at it, it seems to have rubber rims, but I’ll need confirmation.

No, they are not rubber, it’s polycarb… I’ve used one in person. they seem to bounce well, but I didn’t fully test is durability as it was not mine.

Just wanted to clarify, I already knew that it didn’t have rubber rims, my point was that m888’s firstg reply was pointless becuase not all offstring throws have rubber rims. thanks and have a horrible day :stuck_out_tongue:


That doesn’t have to do with anything, offstring throws hit the ground repeatedly, so I’d be darned if they don’t crack eventually.

Mine did after about a week of having it. Used it really hard since it was my first OS, and dropped it one time on laminate flooring in a school hall and got a small chip off the edge.