Couple Questions

I’m starting to like the full length of the normal Kitty string. Do you think this will this hinder me in some way down the road? I’m at the average height at about 5’10", and I know the general advice about clipping it at your belly button. Full length Kitty goes 2-3 inches (5-8 cm) above my belly button.

Also, has anyone tried using a Konkave or Trifecta bearing in a El Ranchero? With a normal flat bearing, I can only tighten it so much. But, with the Konkave or Trifecta I can keep tightening it after I start to feel a bit of resistance. I’m afraid I’m going to strip it or break the bearing.

Thanks for any advice…

Hmm, I can only answer your first question… I’m pretty much the same height as you and I like to use full length kitty… Shorter string allows you to be more accurate, but with longer string you can have more flow. I barely ever cut my strings, you should be fine with a long string, but you will have to adjust your throw so that you do not hit the ground.

I’m 5’11 and I use kitty string full length. The only strings I cut are when I’m either looping, or using something that’s not pre-knotted.
As far as your other question, I’m not entirely sure. You most likely won’t break a bearing, but you should probably stick to a flat bearing anyway, just to be safe.

A safe way to tighten a yoyo is to just hold it between the palms of your hands w/o grabbing it with your fingers. Twist until it starts slipping in your hands. Should be tight enough.

Thanks for the responses. I’ll keep going with the full kitty length. Not sure what I’m gonna do with all that other string I have though. :-\

To be more clear, with a flat bearing, it’s a solid “Stop I’m tight enough!”. With the curved bearings, I can keep cranking… It even squeaked a little.

Edit: The palm tightening seems like it works well. I may try to send the question to the bearing manufacturers.

I’ve never used an el ranchero (unfortunately) but I’ve used several throws that made squeaking noises when tightening them. Most yyf, due to their ridonculously tight bearing seats.

Thanks Dynikus, that makes sense if the bearing seat is just a hair too tight for these other ones. But, my other yoyos (including two yyf’s) don’t have any problems with the KK/Trifecta bearings.

Oh well, I’m just experimenting with different stuff for the heck of it. I was curious if anyone knew off the top of their head.