counter weight question

what yoyo is good for counter weighting. i was using my dv888 and it flew off my hand and smack my cable box. any ideas ??? ??? ??? ???

I prefer heavy rim weight, apx 66 grams, 4.3 mm gap (minimum) and a 4 foot string.
the dv888 should be fine.

It’s preference. Just about any 1A yoyo will work for this. Also, we just recently had a topic on this.

Some people don’t like big flat rims for counterweight. I’ve heard that the Lyn Fury is a good beginner 5a yoyo, but I personally think the DV888 is fine.

Use whatever you feel comfortable using. I like heavier (68+ grams) yo-yo’s for 5A, and rim weight is also very important. Put counterweights on different yo-yo’s, and see what you like the best.

I don’t exactly know what the SPECS are, but I like using my Axiom for 5A. ;D

i use my plastic grind machine or my dark magic or of course my Free Hand Zero

any 1A i recommend something like a legacy because it is plastic so it wont get dinged if you drop it but it is also weighted