Counter weight


Could I put a counter weight on my dv888 or my magic yoyo n5 desperado




I’m guessing you meant to ask which one you should use for 5a. In that case I’d go with the dv888, I think the n5 is a little too wide.


Better idea, use the dv888 as a counterweight.

I would use the dv888 for 5a over the n5.


It’d make a good counterweight if you were throwing a C3 BTH lol


Lol, yes! I have always wanted to try one, just to attempt a few string tricks :joy: obviously not what it is made for but still would be fun.


Keep in mind that during 5a play the yo-yo will have a tendency to tilt since the counterweight is normally moving from the yo-yo. I think the wider profile of the N5 Desperado will make a better throw for 5A since it will resist tilt better, but that is just my opinion.


What weight would be good


If I were to put a counter weight on my dv888 what one should I choose


If you’re new to counterweight, the Duncan bouncy ball is good, it introduces you to the fact that you will hit your hands a lot while learning. It can hurt quite a bit with dice or a figure head, so the bouncy ball does a good job of easing you into it. I’m not sure how easily you can find them though. It’s hard to find something to act as a proper counterweight that wasn’t specifically designed for it, so I would just recommend the Duncan counterweight on I hope you have fun learning, it’s a very rewarding style in my opinion.


Actually you can use all kinds of trinkets and such for a c.w. But they all seem to have a certain pain factor involved. I use a ball myself. I’ll never forget those two weeks learning 5A,man my hands hurt. But it’s real handy to just pull a throw out of your pocket and throw without the quaintness of having to tie a string on your finger.


I use the yyf multi tool it works fune


The Atlas is ridiculously wide and won 5A worlds in 2015.


The first time you Smack! A vein on the back of your hand with the Bearing remover on the multi tool; will most likely be the Last time you use a YYF Multi-tool for a counterweight.

When you are learning; a Die is probably one of the Best counterweights to use to find out which parts or your body can take the most or the least pain without Blood coming out of your eyes.


Doc is back!!! :slight_smile:

Multitool seems a bit risky to me but go for it if you want I guess :wink:

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I think i remember reading that the ideal counter’s weight should be in the ball park of 1/6 or 1/7th the weight of the yoyo.