Could you sell unresponsive Classics?

Recently, a great many people have been asking me what you to get. Nearly every time, I’ll say to buy the classic and a OD 10 ball. Then they ask about a yoyo they don’t need to do anything to. They find the idea changing the internal workings rather intimidating. So, I think it would be nice to have a sort of cheap beginner set, with a modded Classic, a few strings, maybe a finger wrap or tape, and a cheap, responsive yoyo, like a butterfly. And bundle it all together, so that when beginners look for a cheap beginner yoyo, but don’t want to spend so much on a Dark Magic, there’s a nice, clearly labeled beginner pack.

This is a good idea. However, why not just use a cheaper yoyo? The classic is $10, plus a $8 bearing and a little more for pads. The c3 speedaholic is 13.50 for all that.

How about this:

Sell it for $16-18. The “Classic+” pack. However, this might require approval from YYJ as it would not be a stock item for them. It would probably be approved. If not needing approval, it would probably sell good.

Start with a Classic, STOCK. Upgrade the response pads. Ship with a YYJ Speed Bearing. Done. No slim bearing.

Another shop, I forget which, is selling a Classic Upgrade kit as a line item in their store. It includes response pads and a YYJ Speed Bearing. This makes upgrading easier an easier for new players. Yoyo is 1 item, all the ugprade parts are together a second item.

I have been doing “getting started” demonstrations with the Classic. I gotta get to the point where I can do some 3A tricks as I do have a pair reserved for 3A. By having the variants on the Classic, new people can quickly see responsive and unresponsive, plus what does “siliconed” look like vs a pad vs stock response, as well as responsive and unresponsive on those variants.

Thats a really good idea

I have a unresponsive classic for sale for 12 bucks it was not too much money to mod