Could use some help with the Canadian Ladder Escape

So I’m working on Jensen’s Canadian Ladder Escape…

I can make it all the way through the ladder hopping out of it and onto the outside string.  What’s killing me though is the double wrap around my TH index finger.  There’s a rejection off the bottom of the yoyo that happens as it comes round through the bottom of the second swing around the index.

Anyone have some suggestions on how to make this rejection happen smoothly?  If I get it, its because I’m going fast and it just happens.  It is therefore, very inconsistent when I do it, and I have no feedback on what to change to correct the mistake.

I watched the video a gazillion times, and he’s got a loop around his NTH ring finger at a hard angle to the string gap. When I do this though it works, but kills so much rotation that the yoyo dies before I can get out of the trick.

If you go to the tutorial video on YouTube and watch at 58 seconds, you’ll see the rejection I’m talking about at approximately 1:00

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.