Could titanium become the new standard metal?

I’ve turned away Space Cowboys and SS Genesises because I prefer single metal yoyos, even after having owned both.

I haven’t tried the holy grail bimetals, but I will always buy a single metal more willingly than I would drop the value of 2 yoyos on a single one.

I played the Ti Dream, and it was the best performing yoyo I’ve tried. It played stupid light, but retained all of the things I love in a single metal yoyo. Way too expensive to become the standard metal, but way too good to just be a gimmick IMO.
The Al Dream was great, but it didn’t have the lightness I loved in the Ti, I think that’s the main advantage for me.

Question is, could titanium become the new benchmark?


Or could the next OD Benchmark be titanium?

More please! 8)


Oh snap! Can’t wait to see what you got up your sleeve :smiley:

Here is an idea that I thought of a long time ago. A single metal yoyo with 2 pieces per half. I think that will bring the price up but it is worth a try. Also, I would like to see more plastic/hybrid yoyos play the same, if not better, than metals. Just a question though, would brass bi metals be more expensive than ss bi metals (like machining cost not material)?

cocks eyebrow Could the same process that allows budget yoyos like the Benchmark to be produced (less cuts?) be applied to create a “budget Ti?”



Titanium YoYo will shure become a steady market member from now on and will hold it´s place alongside with Plastics, Al, Al/Ti. Just remember the Delrin hype few years ago. now we have many great plastic/delrin yoyos to choose from. TI won´t replace anything, but it is definitely here to stay for good this time.

I’ll show you.

Well alright then.


Unlikely, unless we find a source of free energy to create replicators.

I think Alumigo hard alloy would be good. It can have an even better weight distribution than titanium and it’s less expensive.