Could titanium become the new standard metal?

Could titanium become the new standard metal in the yo-yo industry? If so why??? Also, what other metals could you see being a new yo-yo??

Not unless everyone is cool with $300 being the new standard price for metal yoyos.


Yeah, titanium is just too expensive. Though it does seem to be rising in popularity, I can’t see it becoming the new standard metal. Aluminum is a pretty effective material for yoyos, and while it’s nice to have some variety of materials, I think aluminum is going to be the ‘standard’ for a long time.

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very true. Do you think it is possible for them to reach a point where they are being mass produced and essentially lowered in price?(If that makes any sense )

No. The cost of titanium and the work required to machine it isn’t going down.

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ah I see now

It’s funny how titanium comes in waves. 2013, there were titanium yo-yos released from different companies. In 2014 we seemed to be ti dry. Now, in 2015, there will be at least three of them released.

Titanium won’t be the standard, as stated above, but the release of at least one new titanium each year would keep things exciting. And, if that could be the new “standard,” it would be a good one.

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No unless you are a billionaire. Lol.

But, imagine a fantasy world where this would actually happen. How would your yo-yo buying/trade habits change? I think everyone could still afford them, but they would just have a lot less of them.

A lot of kids have ten $30-$50 aluminum/plastic yo-yos, and many have even more expensive yo-yos than that. So, instead of buying ten $50 yo-yos ($500), they might buy two titanium yo-yos instead. In this imaginary world, trading would be a more important function. As a result, you would all care more about damage to your throws, and a sparked titanium would be the new “beater” standard. :smiley:

(T.A. snaps out of la la land)

No, Think of it as flavor of the month thing. Except it has lasted the better part of the year. OD, YYF, Luftverk, and the ILLYxiYoYo collab will draw rave reviews. The price of machining and raw materials will keep Ti from becoming the standard material though.

In turn, I see single Aluminum and Aluminum x Stainless Steel hybrids being to most prominent materials used.

I still think a lot can be done with just single aluminum.

(seems like I may be in a minority opinion there)


I totaly agree with go crazy for yoyos about single aluminum alloys. There are still many inovative ideas out there that a lot of people have not thought of wich is why I love new compnies so much, a lot of their ideas are original.

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I certainly hope not, it’s cool just to have one titanium, I don’t want to see the market flooded.

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Interesting opinions indeed. What do you guys think can be done with aluminium that hasn’t been already? How much further do you think performance/play can be pushed?

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My favourite yoyos are still single metal. Even WRT the Dream: the aluminum version is so good that I don’t “have” to have the Titanium. I just like having it (a lot). Performance characteristics are almost the same.

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I hope not cause if that’s the case I could never afford another Yoyo!


Let’s just say I have a few wacky ideas… The Shout is kinda vanilla compared to other things I’d like to try…

(Stay tuned)


Yes. Titanium may become the New Standard metal.

The same day that Porsches outsell the Toyota Camry.


Single aluminium there could be better cup designs. And different shapes.

[quote=“mysteriousyoyoer parvarsingh,post:18,topic:75697”]
Don’t talk about it…SHOW us your designs and shapes.

Technically according to theories on parallel universes, there is a universe out there where titanium is the cheapest metal but is still as strong and is used as the standard over there.

But sadly, until we can go through wormholes and escape to TA’s la la land, the answer is no.