Could the Big Yo be used for string tricks or not?


Could someone tell me if the Big Yo is good for string tricks or just offstring. Thanks in advance.


it can be used for both but it would be harder to do more complex tricks but just for fun its good

(J. Lev) #3

It can do string tricks, yes, but it’s pretty difficult. I really only use mine for 4A and being silly with 1A. I’d look into a Flying Panda if you’re looking in doing both with one yoyo, or the YYF Offstring + Pocket Change.

(Mitch) #4


OK thanks everyone I was just trying to decide if I was wanting to buy a Big Yo, or not.


it does but i wouden’t recomended it

(Mitch) #7

Why not? Did you watch the video? It looks like it plays great


Its more the player, and less the yoyo.


Big-yo gap is quite small …making it very responsive and making it unable to take layers of string for 1a trick…In my opinion, it is just only for offstring

(Mikey) #10

Not too great, but loads of fun!


Thanks everyone for your help, but since the Big Yo was actually for offstring and not really good for string tricks, I am getting a Big Ben to make it easier for string tricks like double or nothing, and the Legacy for my first unresponsive yo-yo.


Just for fun watch this.